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There are many challenges associated with breeding and aging transgenic, knockout and other genetically engineered mice. The Transgenic Colony Management department offers a complete list of services to address all of your mouse breeding needs, whether you require full service or just occasional consultation.

All of our colonies are maintained in HEPA filtered IVC (individually ventilated cage) racks, providing both biosecurity and genetic integrity. It is our goal to provide you with the animals you need to advance your research, at the lowest costs possible. 

A short list of the services we offer:

  • Colony set up with daily monitoring to record litter birth dates and litter size 
  • Weaning
  • DNA sampling (e.g. tailing, ear notching)
  • Timed pregnancy
  • Electronic data management
  • Inventory reports and census management  
  • Assistance with breeding schemes and calculations
  • Budget projections
  • Body weight verification

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