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General Information

The MNI Center for Neurological Disease Models (CNDM) Operations Unit provides a wide variety of services, including housing, for multiple laboratory animal species.  The Institute's Senoir Administration provides oversight for the assignment of animal holding space, in collaboration with Facility Operations, Rodent Colony Management and Veterinary and Technical Services. 

 Animals will be provided SPF housing in the Rockefeller/Penfield facility unless space is not available, or the needs of the particular project dictate the use of another facility/space off-site. 

Animals will be held in species-specific housing unless otherwise indicated in the researcher's approved Animal Use Protocol. Researchers may be obliged to support any special housing needs which cannot be accommodated by standard CNDM equipment.

CNDM housing is appropriate for animals requiring biocontainment at Biosafety Levels 1 and 2.

Per diem charges are based on the animal species and type of housing required. 

Environmental parameters are monitored and recorded 24/7. All animal holding rooms maintain a 12 hour light/12 hour dark cycle. 

Standard commercial lab animal diets are provided to all species. Special diets may be available upon request by contacting Facility Operations. 

Environmental enrichment is provided to all species as per Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) policy. Any exclusion from this policy requires written approval of the MNI Animal Care Committee.

Pre-approval by the MNI Animal Care Committee is required before animals may be removed from the CNDM. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is specific to the work being performed and is mandatory in all areas of the CNDM except for administrative offices.

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