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Mandate on the Use of Animals in Research and Teaching


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Mandate on the Use of Animals in Research and Teaching

The Montreal Neurological Institute's Center of Neurological Disease Models (CNDM) supports the responsible use of animals in research for the benefit of both humans and animals. The use of animals for scientific and technical education is supported when no acceptable alternatives exist.

The CNDM operates in full compliance with the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) and Canadian government agencies regulating the use of laboratory animals in research and teaching and holds a certificate of Good Animal Practice from the CCAC. Further, it is proactively committed to the reduction and replacement of animal use and the refinement of procedures in both teaching and research wherever possible.

The Montreal Neurological Institute and the CNDM recognize the important role animals have played in the past, and the valuable contribution they will continue to make, to the advancement of biomedical and other types of research.

The Montreal Neurological Institute and CNDM are committed to ensuring the highest possible standards in the care, well-being, quality of life and use of its animals.



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